Lonelinoise created a three-part webcast about the power of new music.

FLIGHT | LONELINOISE webcast episode 1

Both Claude Vivier and Giacinto Scelsi found themselves in difficult places in their lives. Both of them looked for inspiration in the Far East, and both of them found a way to use their music as a means of dealing with their crises. As a result, the music they wrote is highly personal and exceptionally powerful.

During the the 2020 pandemic, Nicholas Moroz, a young composer from the UK, used the crisis to compose an exciting new piece for Lonelinoise, a duet for english horn and trombone.

The Lonelinoise Collective is founded in 2020 by Sebastiaan Kemner and Vincent van Wijk, and aims to find different ways of communicating the wild and wondrous sounds of modern music to its audiences.


Claude Vivier - Pulau Dewata

Claude Vivier - Bouchara

Claude Vivier - Glaubst du an die Unsterblichkeit der Seele

Giacinto Scelsi - Tre Pezzi per trombone

Giacinto Scelsi - Uaxuctum

Nicholas Moroz - Zwam

Created and recorded by: Lonelinoise Collective

Sebastiaan Kemner, trombone

Vincent van Wijk, oboe

Wim Vos, percussion