Lonelinoise created a three-part webcast about the power of new music.

FIGHT | LONELINOISE webcast episode 2

When some composers went inside to search the answer to crises, others could not remain silent. They spoke out, demanded answers and change in the world around them.

Music by:
Louis Andriessen
Isang Yun
Trevor Grahl (world premiere)
And music examples from Hans Werner Henze, John Adams, De Notenkrakers.

The Lonelinoise Collective is founded in 2020 by Sebastiaan Kemner and Vincent van Wijk, and aims to find different ways of communicating the wild and wondrous sounds of modern music to its audiences.

Created and recorded by: Lonelinoise Collective

Sebastiaan Kemner, trombone
Vincent van Wijk, oboe
Ketevan Roinishvili, cello